About Us

We Take Security Seriously.

Notice the collared shirts? We dress to impress at all of our events. From day one, our vision has been to become the leading provider of security services and to raise local industry standards. We achieve this by creating an environment of quality and trust within our team and establishing respectful, reliable, and attentive working relationships with our clients.

Unfortunately, we often hear stories about “other” security companies not showing up, sleeping on the job, or performing unprofessionally. It’s partly why we’re in this business. In our line of work, trust is EVERYTHING. At Shielded Security, our mission is to provide superior quality services for EVERY assignment at EVERY location. It’s who we are, and it’s what we do. Are we setting the bar high? You bet we are. On purpose.

Discover the big difference between “us” and the “other” guys.

team of managers

Cale Spies

Owner / Manager

Joseph Reno


Bryan Daly


Cecil Bailes


Keyshawn Gallon

Junior Manager